We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Fellow Bloggers

Friends and such in the blogosphere who, like me, blog mostly about home life, home education, liturgical life, or some combination thereof.

Adventures of an Orthodox Mom - Eastern Orthodox mom.  Lots of great ideas for family liturgical life...even if you aren't Orthodox.

Amy's Humble Musings - mom to a farm-load of kids, really.  Homeschooling, too.

an undercurrent of hostility - Anne is a mom to 5 and Anglican priest with her priest-hubby (a Stand Firm columnist)  - and home educates.

Ann Kroeker - inspiration to slow down in life has resulted in a book called "Not So Fast".  Enjoy reading her everyday!

Arabian Knits - Ranee is not an "in-real-life" friend, yet, but a blogging-buddy (and email loop buddy).  She's mom and teacher to 6 kids and has GREAT menu plans.

At A Hen's Pace - Jeanne: Priest's wife and homeschooling mama blogging about life, theology, and her crazy drama schedule. (seriously, her kids are really into Dramatics)

Conversion Diary  (formerly known as Et Tu?) - Jennifer is a former atheist turned Catholic.  She's got a great story and a great blog.  Another blogger with a fantastic comments section.

Deb on the Run - a long-time blogging buddy.  We originally met on HSBlogger.  Deb is an Eastern Orthodox convert and homeschooler.  She's got fantastic book reviews.

Dominion Family (aka Ordo Amoris) - Cindy is an online and eloop buddy - and an in-real-life friend.  She's been educating at home quite some time - she's got graduates and grandchildren!  A very wise and humble lady.  Don't skip the comments section on her blog which is Quite Active.

Europeanne - Anne, previously PalmTree Pundit, lives in Italy.  ITALY, y'all!  She also homeschools and is an avid reader.  And her travel photos are definitely jealousy-inducing.

Evlogia - Katherine is a homeschooling mom of a large family and a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy.  She has created an amazing homeschool history-based curriculum called "Ages of Grace".

Finnegan Follies - Chris is a friend from an active home education eloop.  She blogs lots about her family (which is delightful), but also some thought-provoking theological and educational posts, too.

Homemaking Through the Church Year - Mom to 4 (including a set of identical twins) and home-educating them.  Jessica blogs a lot about family liturgical life (she's a fellow Anglican).

Jimmie's Collage - Jimmie lives and home-educates in China (well, she used to).  She has great ideas and resources for lapbooks and other paper projects to enrich your homeschoool.  Also, her chinese culture and "crazy english" posts are wonderful.

Musings of a Prairie Girl - Julia lives out on the Canadian prairie where her family homeschools and farms.  Her honesty and thoughtfulness inspire me.

Karen's History Project - Karen and I live in the same metropolis area, but have yet to meet.  Her blog is a good resource for history lessons.

King Alfred Academy - Brittney is a classical home educator to two little boys.  She shares a lot of the resources she uses with her blog readers.

Life in the Button Factory - a nice friendly blog by home-educating mom, Wendy.

Life On The Planet - she's funny and she home educates.  Enjoy!

Mummibears Patchwork Quilt - a classica home education eLoop buddy from New Zealand, Valda.

On a Joyful Journey - Amy is a thoughtful mom and blogger.  She's an Anglican and enjoys blogging about liturgical life.  She also has a teen with downs syndrome and blogs a bit about home education with special needs.

Permanent Things - Angelina is a lovely blogger about family, education (classical home, mostly), and life.  We are on the same classical eLoop and although now "in real life" friends, yet, I hope we will be someday!

Quotidian Life - This is another friend's blog from the ClassEd eLoop list.  She lives in Jordan and I always love her posts about life there.  She writes beautifully about education in the home, too.

Splendor in the Ordinary - Amy  home educates her sweet, young family (all under 5).  She's a prolific liturgical life blogger. Her blog has quieted in the last year, but I can't quite bear to remove it from my recommended links.  There is so much there!  And I keep hoping she'll start blogging again, soon.

The Philosopher Mom - Catholic, homeschooling mother.  Her blog title is not lightly chosen; you'll get some deep thought here.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers -  Kris is a hard-working homeschool blogger.  Don't miss her Weekly Wrap-Ups and bi-monthly Homeschool Showcases.

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