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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another link along the same lines...

Heather from Stepping Heavenward left a wonderful comment (thanks, Heather) and a shocking quote from GK Chesterton. It is so good that I had to put it into a regular post so that it wouldn't be missed....

"Given an attempt to escape from the nature of things and I can well believe that it might lead at last to something like 'the nursery school for our children staffed by other mothers and single women of expert training.'

I will add nothing to that ghastly picture, beyond speculating pleasantly about the world in which women cannot manage their own children but can manage each other's."

Here is a link to the entire essay. It was written in 1927....and again (why am I so fascinated by this reference? :) ) there is our old friend Malthus. I think I'm going to have to go read some of his writings.

My mind is kind of whirling around right now.....I need to spend some time distilling this down a bit before I post more or I'm afraid it will be just 'gobbldygook'!

Do you have any thoughts or comments?


Heather_in_WI said...

The essay is *so* excellent! And there are a few more jaw-dropping quotes in there!

I find the whole discussion of birth-control & the Christian entirely non-existent in most Protestant Christian circles nowadays (except in the homeschooling community!). Interesting, considering pre-1930's it was considered to be a sin by all denominations.


Anonymous said...

Ahh that I had hours to dive into Chesterton, all the minds that influenced him, and the minds he influenced.
Wish I had the guts more often to bring this up in my church circles.

I do like the idea he offered, that if the evil ones insist on being stupid for many more years, at least we will outnumber them!