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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Being a patient pacer

We are at a bit of a stand-still here as we wait for all our criminal history and child abuse registry checks to come back from VA, MD, and NC. Here's where we are:

VA -
Criminal History: received!
Child Abuse Registry: waiting

NC -
Criminal History: waiting
Child Abuse Registry: received!

Criminal History: waiting
Child Abuse Registry: waiting

2 down, 4 to go.

These are all new requirements for the homestudy to be submitted with the I800a. So, if you are starting an adoption in a Hague country go ahead and send off for this stuff before your homestudy (or during). Check with your agency for more details.


Michelle said...

Hi I saw your site on the Mom blogs. Are you adopting from Guatemala? Just curious...we are. Stop by and visit me sometime.


Kerry said...

Hi, Michelle! We are actually adopting from Armenia. I heard that some adoptions were able to start back up in Guatemala - I bet you are thankful for that!

Michelle said...

actually we are in postponement.... we have until feb 09 for things to open back up or we will be forced to terminate or switch countries. Only adoptions that had a referral before the closure are grandfathered in and processing right now.