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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The (hopeful) end to Fantastic, Festive Fingerprint Fridays

Among my Friday morning men's prayer group, all this fingerprinting has become known as Fantastic, Festive Fingerprint Fridays! Sometimes I've thought Festering Fingerprint Fridays might be a better title.

Until this past weekend, I've had all my adoption fingerprinting done at our local police department - and they only do them on Fridays before noon. With all the printing and re-printing, I think they know me by first name now!

I must admit, I was beginning to get a bit of a complex. Was it my fault? Was I not "relaxed" enough to get good prints?

After some research and phone calls to the MD office, I found out that they accept digital fingerprints! The caveat is: they only accept them from an approved agency within Maryland. (Most times, MD's government makes no sense to me.)

So, I drove 950 miles to Pikesville, MD (west of Baltimore) and back in 28 hours (with our boys). I got to the MD fingerprint office at 8:30 a.m. and I was done in an hour. Total cost of the trip, including gas, food and fingerprinting fees - $170. Seeing the MD fingerprint office in my rear view mirror - priceless.

I learned something from this experience that may be helpful to others. And it's so obvious, I would have tried it locally one more time before driving up there. You're gonna say, "Well, duh!" Here is my nugget of fingerprinting wisdom: find someone who does fingerprints all day, everyday, and have them do the prints.

No slight on the local PD guys, but I had a different officer do my prints each time I was in there. I know some of them took prints rarely. When I had my prints taken at the MD office, it was fast, easy and they looked great! When in doubt (and impatient), go with the pros.

See, I knew it couldn't be my fault.... Wish I could have saved myself ~ $165 and 15-16 hours of driving. In the end, it was worth getting it done, and learning the lesson.

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