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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dossier Delivered!

Yesterday was interesting - we had many little "glitches" as we tried to get our paperwork finalized.
  • I had the wrong version of our financial statement for the notary. Had to run home for that
  • On our way back to the notary, realized the statement hadn't printed properly. Returned home again to correct.
  • The financial statement file was having "issues", but we finally got the right one printed.
  • Forgot to get Erik to sign the letter detailing our Ghana connections. Had to run home to get that signed.
  • Forgot to include the copy of all the documents with the original in my Fed Ex package, had to mail seperately.

But we got the last pages finished, notarized, and on their way!

This morning Fed Ex is delivering our dossier to our adoption agency in High Point. The contact in Africa is anxious to get it so that a December court date can be set. We'll know soon what that date is and if we need to appear before the judge. Hopefully, a letter outlining our contacts with Ghana through Archbishop Akrofi will be a help to this whole process. We are told he's a pretty important figure (besides just being an Archbishop in the Anglican Church) in Ghana.

Pray for everything to arrive safely!

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