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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A second photo, our travel shots, and an APPROVAL!

Well, it has been another banner week!

Friday, we went to Carolina Passport Health, which is a privately-operated clinic for travel health needs (vaccinations, medications, etc), to get all the immunizations we need for travel to Ghana. With my recent travel to China, I'd had many of the ones I'd need (Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, Tetanus booster), but there were others I had to have and of course Erik needed some, too. We each got 5 shots (Me: Hep A & Hep B- had to finish the series and Erik: Hep A & Hep B -his first in the series; then we both had: Yellow Fever, Polio booster, Meningitis). OUCH! Erik is also taking Typhoid pills (last of 4 pills is taken tomorrow). We will both need to take Malarial medication before, during and after our travel.

Saturday, we got another photo of Lydia - this time awake (I'll post another "eyes" photo shortly). Wow - that was a wonderful surprise. I really didn't think we'd get another photo until we took one ourself. :)

And then today, we got an email that our i600a (Immigration pre-approval) approval is complete and in the mail! We were not expecting that for another couple of weeks at the least, so that is really wonderful news.

Now we just need to get her court date set. :) Still waiting on word from Ghana on that.... Pray for it to be set soon - and for a date in early to mid December! That would mean we could travel in early January for the first trip and possibly have her home by early Feb!

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