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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer is HERE!

Sometimes you just gotta pack it in and surrender to it. Yes, I mean SUMMER!

I had another 4 weeks or so of school planned out to try to get us all caught up on the lessons we've missed this year due to the adoption (various appointments, meetings, days where I had a ton of paperwork to finish, and of course the extended travel). My plans were so wonderful! The kids were willingly going along with them, too. But on Tuesday morning I woke up and was just, well, D-O-N-E. Ever been there?

At about 10:05, after putting Baby L down for her morning nap, I looked around at my children happily entertaining themselves and engaged in some really great unstructured playtime, and I made the decision: School's over.

Even though we will continue reading, independently and together, and playing edu-games during our summer break, most of our days will be fairly free and relaxed. So, what did we do on our first day of SUMMER?

Here are some pictures:

Baby L enjoying her "cruising" abilities.

S says he's "dressed for every occassion". Dress-ups don't get boring, do they?

The boys found an old stash of Dixie cups, which were perfect for biulding a great wall. This is about as high as it got before it toppled over.

Every year we celebrate the first and last day of school with an "ice cream dinner". Of course they are all hungry for "real food" within an hour, so we came home to burgers, too.

Not one to skip out on a little something sweet.

Baby L was a bit unsure about the whole thing. She did eventually give it a try and LOVED it, but she looks quite uniterested here. (Although from the look of those legs, you'd think we feed her ice cream all day long!)

Welcome, Summer. I'm so glad you are here!

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1 comment:

DebD said...

yes! I definitely know that feeling. Enjoy the time off. I love the ice-cream idea.