We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daybook - Monday, Dec 14th

Feast Day of St. John of the Cross

outside my window . . . another cold, gray day. We are starting to wonder if we are in Charlotte or Seattle.

in the kitchen . . . time to start cooking and baking for Christmas. Decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread, and pepparkakor, I think.

around the house . . . sat down with the kids this morning and we divided up the various chores that need to be done before Christmas. I love it when they are so helpful. We listened to Vince Guaraldi Trio's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" while we worked.

on my iPod . . . enjoying learning a bit more about the Orthodox church through some Ancient Faith podcasts. Right now I'm listening to "Intersection of East and West".

from our studies . . . we have started our Christmas break (sort of - it is Official on Wednesday when our eldest finishes his last class of the semester). But we are still enjoying some read alouds. Last week we started Dickens' A Christmas Carol just in time to watch the classic 1951 (I believe) Alistair Sims' version. His portrayal of Scrooge is fantastic and kept the kids riveted! Even my 7-year old loved it. (black and white, typical slowish movement of an old movie, and fairly plain special affects)

thinking about . . . how much fun we had at our church's Women's Christmas party last night. We had a great group of ladies! We all brought angel ornaments to exchange. I got a sweet "gingerbread" angel.


listening to. . . and sort of watching "White Christmas".

thankful for. . . finding the entire "Little House" series at my homeschool consignment store (a Saint Nicholas Day gift). My middle daughter and I have started reading them together and it is such a sweet time!

pondering the words . . . "Faith is more like a novel than a textbook. We can read a math book and work at it until we get it. But when we read a great novel we come out with our lives changed. At the end of a great novel we come out, we don't say, 'I got it,' because it's gotten us." - The Rev. Dr. Craig M. Kaillio, St. Stephen's, Oak Ridge, TN (from The Anglican Digest)

creating . . . my crochet neck warmer turned out wonderfully - I've got the bug to make more, so I'll probably work on those and another strand of "snow garland" this week.


one of my favorite things . . . my hubby's super-warm wool "professor" sweater. (He's not a professor, but the sweater makes him look like one.) Problem is I like to wear it, too. :)

a few plans for the upcoming week . . . Tuesday: eldest has testing for a small private school we are considering for high school next year; Wednesday: we are doing our Christmas decorating after my eldest's last CC Challenge seminar; and our first Christmas company arrives Friday!

a picture thought I'm sharing . . .

my middle daughter with her stacks of Little House books.

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DebD said...

What a great quote! Loved your daybook, I need to do one again soon.