We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking toward Holy Week

We are days away from the pinnacle of the Christian year: Holy Week and Easter.   My house is in utter disarray with give-away bags, packed-up boxes, and random pieces of furniture waiting to be moved to the storage unit.  I suspect my Holy Week is going to look a little "light" this year.

But we'll bring out a few of the Way of the Cross items from a couple of years ago to help us remember the focus of our week.  And we'll attend as many of the Holy Week services as we are able.

Perhaps you'd like some ideas for Holy Week?  I'll post them as I see the next couple of days, but to get your started here are some of my ideas and thoughts from years past:

Way of the Cross for Families
Choosing the stations and artwork
Devotions for the stations
Photos from the Way of the Cross hosted in our home


Amy said...

Missed your blogging lately. May God be with you as you follow his by Way of the Cross and to His Resurrection. Blessings!

Kerry said...

Thank you, Amy. I've missed blogging. :) Blessings this week to your family, too!