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Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent 2011

Our Holiday Season started off with Saint Nicholas' Feast Day on December 6th!  We had goodies in our shoes (left by the fireplace, of course) and breakfast of Gingerbread Waffles, sausage and our traditional Peppermint Hot Cocoa.

L LOVES those waffles!

Girls got new slippers, and we all got Santa hats.

Girls enjoying their St Nick chocolate coins.

Our former youth director, Dave, came to stay with us for a few days.  Although he lives in Canada now (he's originally from Canada), he was being ordained here in NC.   We had a great time with him and hosted a small reception the day after his ordination.  The youth kids were so happy to spend some time with him again!

We have seating for 26 in our downstairs rooms (dining, kitchen, family), but the kids opt for the FLOOR!  They had quite the pow-wow.

Our former Youth Pastor, Dave.
Our friend Donna said, "He looks so cute in the collar."  Does the elf hat increase the cuteness?


Our Christmas decorations have begun to slowly find their places.

Our creche scene on the kitchen mantle.

Farmor (Erik's mom) made us three models of buildings from
her homeland (Aland Island, Sweden).  This one is "Christiansund" their family home.

 I made this crochet garland and then hung some traditional Swedish straw ornaments.  There is something sweetly old-fashioned about the look of this garland. 

I love the look of REAL pine roping.  And I love the scent, too.  We wait until it goes on sale a bit, of course.  Had sweet little white twinkle lights hung with the pine garland, but 1/3 of the strand was burned out.  The entire metro area seems to be out of all lights (except pink ), so had to opt for the larger bulbs.  Not my favorite, but they'll do.

 On our little plant hanger out front, I hung a small lantern (super cheap at Lowe's) and wrapped it in greenery (not real, sadly), lights and ribbon.  Do you like the jingle bells?  I put some of the lights in the lantern.  Looks pretty cute all lit up!

 Fresh greens on the door, too!  I think this bow is much prettier in person.

Our Advent "wreath" on our little family altar.

 The Playmobil nativity set is back on the windowsill.  I'm not sure why or how it ended up here last year, but it seems to work.  The girls love to play with these little people.

E has been keeping track of our "Days 'til Christmas"!  Do you see the little "Louie" figurine she made (at a local paint-your-own-pottery store) peeking out from behind the chalkboard?

Our Saint Nicholas collection on the family room mantle.

Our "Julbock" - or Yule Goat.  A delightful remnant from Sweden's pagan Viking past, but we love it!


Today we took the whole family out to drop S at the ice skating rink.  The rest of us hit the Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping.

H is very animated in the frozen food section.

 The girls are hamming it up, too!

 All checked out and ready to load up the car.

Waiting for "D Brubbie" (S) to finish up at the skate rink.

These two found some old civil war army men in the back of the van.

Only 6 more days until Christmas!  

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