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Friday, August 31, 2012

School has begun and Morning Session

Oh, I've promised summer photos and I still haven't gotten them uploaded.  I'll try, I'll try!  These days I'm bouncing around on computers: the dinosaur, hubby's, the Mac, and my phone.  I'm finding it hard to get enough time to just check email , much less blog, or load photos.  But photos are so fun!!

I'll try, I'll try!

But school has started and I am miraculously keeping up with that!  August 13 was our first day.  We all began some school that day, some more than others.  Each week one more student moved from "part time" to "full time" school.

Faramir started first.  He and I returned to our CC program on the 15th.  (He's in Chal B; I'm tutoring Chal 3.)  The next week Athos began, Aug 22nd.  He's in Chal 3, but at a different campus.  (Long story...)  And finally, after forlornly watching her brothers head off to CC for two weeks without her, Artemisia began her CC program this past Wednesday, Aug 29th.

And now we are in full-swing.

And I'm exhausted.

But it's ok.

I only have 14 more years of this.

I'll be ... let's see, some quick math... .  Yes, I'll be 56.  FIFTY-SIX!   Moving on...

Over the summer I was blessed with a trip to the CiRCE Conference, which was wonderful not only because it is heaven to be immersed in that atmosphere for three days, but I also got to meet IN PERSON many ladies with whom I've emailed and chatted about Classical Education over the past several years.  One of those ladies is Cindy Rollins who blogs at Ordo Amoris.  If you are not regularly reading this blog, you absolutely should be.  In fact, stop reading here and follow that link.  Add her to your bookmarks, google reader, etc.  Just make sure you are getting her posts - she has great wisdom and humility....and a wealth of experience homeschooling.  (Diane - this is the blog I mentioned when we chatted last week!)

Cindy spoke to an eager group of ladies (and some gentlemen, I believe) about her use of Morning Time in her homeschool.  Having known her for a few years and read her blog for even longer, I was already familiar with Morning Time.  I'd even implemented a version of it here and there over the years - always with great success.  But somehow with the boys getting older and more independent in their work, and two little ones coming along behind who needed lots of hands on attention, my use of Morning Time was abandoned.

Cindy's talk encouraged me to re-institute it.  We call it Morning Session at our home...and we aren't operating at full steam, yet, but slowly working up to it.  Go read some at Cindy's blog about Morning Time.  Then come back here and I'll share with you how we are implementing it in our home...especially with two balky, crusty teenager boys.  Probably tomorrow, maybe later today.

It will depend on how much those teenagers exhaust me.  

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