We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daybook - Monday, May 10th

You know when your blogging becomes sparse and only consists of daybook posts for a few weeks that you are busy or sick or both, as I am now. Vacation is coming and with it some time to rest and be rejuvenated.  I hope to be back to more regular blogging soon. Lots of things to talk about with school wrapping up and summer on its way!  Thanks for sticking with me!   ~Kerry

~~~ My home ~~~

outside my window . . . after a few 90+ days, we have had two wonderfully cool, breezy days.

in the kitchen . . . Angel Food cake with strawberries tonight for dessert.  I'm saving up my carbs for that!

around the house . . . Dining room and Library have been finally cleaned out for our move.  They both look so good with less furniture.  There is definitely a lesson in that.

from our studies . . . I'm working on our summer plan.  It will include a unit on house-building - appropriate, no?

listening to . . . my kids fixing their own lunch (small celebration!), the dog chasing something in her sleep, the breeze whistling in through the small crack I've left in the window.

in the garden . . . azaleas are blooming - warm, soft pink.

living the liturgy . . . Ascension Day coming up on Thursday.  May is always so busy for us that this day often goes overlooked.  This May is no different in terms of busyness, but I'm looking at some very simple plans to celebrate this day.

~~~ Myself ~~~

what I'm wearing . . . grey lightweight pants, rose tunic top

thankful for. . . a VERY clean van (my Mother's Day gift from my family)

reading . . .  The Mysterious Benedict Society before passing it along to my kids.  I'm enjoying it so far!

on my iPod . . .  finally got my new earbuds!  I'm trying to catch up on some of my favorite podcasts before I download new ones.

creating . . . considering crocheting a lightweight summer blanket for Baby L.   I'm thinking a pale yellow cotton or maybe pink.

thinking about . . . how good it will feel not to have a head/earache.

noticing . . . that I just love the new placement of my "chair".  We rearranged the library (removed almost all of our books and one of our "big comfy chairs" and moved sofa and remaining chair to new positions) and my chair is now nestled into a private corner with a view out the front window.  It is very restful.

~~~ My Family ~~~

milestones in the past week . . .  Baby L moved from a booster with a tray to a booster at the table!  For a long time, she was too short to eat from the table in her booster.  Now (with the booster raised to its highest position) she can reach the table!  She seemed to really relish being up so high at dinner last night.

a few plans for the upcoming week . . .
- doctor today for a nasty sinus and ear infection (done - omnicef is my new friend)
- Wednesday my first meeting with the Daughters of the Holy Cross as an official "Daughter"!
- Ascension Day on Thursday with an "all Anglican" service.  (A group of the small local Anglican churches pools resources for special services like this - always fun to see our Anglican brothers and sisters from other churches.)
- Friday my Mom arrives for a visit.


Amy said...

Missed your blogging. Glad to have a little glance at all you're up to! Hope you're feeling better!!!

Poconoangel said...

It's been days since you wrote your blog, but I am just reading it now. I hope you are feeling much better by now. It was fun to hear from your day book. Happy moving. We are in the same process here. -God Bless.