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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Erik's Mother, Farmor (which is Swedish for Father's Mother), came to visit to celebrate her birthday.   Our weekend started with a visit to "Guinness for Ghana", a fundraiser for a mission group opening an orphanage for children in Ghana (Lake Volta) region.  Their mission is to rescue children who have been sent off to work in the fishing industry in what amounts to slave labor.  

We enjoyed getting a chance to talk with the family who operates the mission, My Father's House.

We all packed into our van - I sat in the back with the boys.

Happy Baby L:

Farmor and Baby L check out the goody table.  What good grandma can pass up cookies for her grandbaby?  And what grandbaby won't oblige her grandma by eating up those good cookies?

The next day we were off to visit Biltmore Estate to celebrate Farmor's birthday.  It was the back seat again for me.  This time I got to share it with my sweet Little E.  (S didn't join us, he was on a Youth Retreat.)

H and Little E with the Biltmore Lion.

The tower over the front door of America's Largest Home.  We determined that our house would probably fit in the Conservatory, a garden room just off the main foyer.

Erik and his mom and the view from the back porch.  At one time the Vanderbilt family owned all the land that you can see from this porch.  Amazing - can you imagine being able to say, "I own everything I see."

Kids got a little tired (so did I from carrying Baby L - who has having none of the stroller or Daddy carrying her).  We decided to forgo the basement portion of the tour and take a rest on the lawn.  Farmor finished up the tour and met us outside.  The kids enjoyed some time rolling and running around in the grass.  

No visit to Biltmore would be complete without a trip to the Confectioner's Shop.  

And then to walk off the sweets, a tour of the gardens.  Here are the kids hiding inside an ancient Japanese Maple.

The gardens were really beautiful.  The girls loved the flowers and we all enjoyed the shady stroll and the nice breezes.

The trip home was a hard - everyone was tired and ready to be OUT of the CAR.  But we made it - and we have some nice memories of a lovely day.


Poconoangel said...

This looks like so much fun! I love doing trips like this. We visited Mt. Vernon- home of old George & Martha Washington, a few years back. That was lovely and kind of reminded me of your visit that you shared to Biltmore! Thanks for sharing!

Kerry said...

My mom-in-law took the kids to Mt Vernon a few years ago and they LOVED it. She's an architectural historian (living in historic Virginia), so she loves stuff like that! This is lucky for me beause I'm an art history major...so it is all right up my alley, too!

Bloggin' Robin said...

Kerry- Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll read it! Where are you in the Piedmont. We lived in High Point for 11 years. I'd also be interested in any mission work you know of going on in Ghana. We drove over to HP recently to hear from Pioneers Africa. Your children are beautiful. Did your daughter adjust well with your bio kids? Thanks for the help!

I'll post a link to your blog and be checking in!

Grateful, Robin