We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daybook - January 6th, Epiphany

Outside My Window ... a normal January day: 40s, sunny.   Construction has begun on the house next door. The lot has been cleared and the well dug.  Soon we'll be awakened to the sound of hammering and sawing.  I'm starting to think our neighborhood should have been named "The Big Muddy".

I am Listening to ... my daughters singing songs from Little Mermaid.  We are having a very light school day today.

I am Wearing ... my favorite black jeans, pink knit top, and gray wool sweater.  Warm.  Easy to move in.  Nice looking, but not fussy.

I am so grateful for ... a friend's safe return home from the ER last night.  Follow ups with the doctor today should set everyone's minds at ease that all is as it should be.

I'm Pondering ... generations.  How should they be named?  When?  What will this most current generation reaching adulthood be called?

I am Reading ... Amusing Ourselves to Death N Postman, The White Queen P. Gregory, and still working on the December First Things journal.  Still working on a lot of things, actually.

Towards a Real Education ... considering how to proceed with a toddler who needs lots of undivided attention.  It is tricky trying to juggle their needs!  We are still thoroughly enjoying Adam and His Kin.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty ... after illness and Christmas, we are getting back on track.  I slept in many mornings recently, so I'm resetting my body's schedule to get up early again.  It's groggy around here.

To Live the Liturgy ...  It is Epiphany!  We are extending ours a bit to keep the celebration going while my Dad visits.  But we'll pack it up this weekend and have a small, family Epiphany celebration Saturday night.

Around the House ... always catching up on laundry.  Next week, we resume the "new house" sorting.  We've run out of shelf space for books, so it is time take a serious look at some of what we own.

From the Kitchen ... soup today for lunches the next couple of days, hopefully some bread, and baked chicken for dinner tonight.  I have some bananas looking mopey, so maybe some banana bread.

One of My Favorite Things ... our new lighting in the kitchen!  We had one sad light fixture in our kitchen prep area.  Horrible lighting - could hardly see what I was doing.  This weekend we installed under-the-counter lighting and a new track fixture in the ceiling.  It is this cool flexible track so we could bend it where we wanted it to go.  Now I have GREAT lighting over the sink, at the stove and the various prep areas!

Recent Milestones ... Little L is doing lots more talking.  She's really started expressing things in more and more complex sentences (2 and 3 words rather than 1).  We can't always make out the words...and sometimes they are just the word pattern rather than the word itself, but she's making progress!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week ... 
:-: Dad coming to visit today
:-: Maybe catch a movie Friday afternoon with him and the older kids.
:-: Dinner out for hubby and me, maybe!
:-: Helping a friend move on Saturday

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