We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daybook: March 15, Happy Birthday Edition

Today, in honor of my Mother's birthday. . .

outside my window . . .  my mother's birthday started out clear and warm, and quickly turned warm.  The day is ending with some rain clouds moving in.  A very pretty day!

listening to . . . Erik, Faramir, and Kalliope planting our newest fruit trees: Braeburn Apple and Brown Turkey Fig.  My mom would enjoy sitting out in our Adirondack chairs chatting as they work.  I'm sure I'd be sitting with her and we *just might* be sipping a cocktail.

wearing . . .  It is 6:41 and I am seriously considering slipping into my PJs for the evening.  One of my mother's favorite things is PJs, especially a wonderfully, soft and silky cotton set.

so grateful for . . . the way my mom always remembers birthdays and special events for my kids.  Rarely, very rarely has a holiday or birthday gone by without at least a card!  And I love her laugh!

reading . . .  a Chemistry text in preparation for tutoring Athos' Classical Conversations level (Challenge 3) next year.  This will make my mother giggle as I barely got through high school chemistry.  Thank God for Khan Academy!!

around the house . . .  gathering a few items that were forgotten on my mom's recent visit (last week).  I think she just wants to make sure she is remembered around here, so she leaves a few pieces of clothing behind.  :)   

one of my favorite things . . .  a lovely, vintage white flower pin my mother gave me a few years ago.  It is sweet and simple.  I have a pretty lacy scarf that will set off the pin even more wonderfully.  I think I'll wear them together tomorrow.

recent milestones . . .  Mom and my step-dad, Fred, enjoyed having my great grand-mother stay with them for a few months while a new home was being completed.  They took her home a couple of weeks ago and helped her (and her housemates: my Aunt and Uncle and a great Aunt) get moved in a settled.

picture thoughts . . .

My mother, Kay, step-dad, Fred, and the girls.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Bright Sky Mom said...

I came to your blog in a round about way (meaning I'm not sure I remember how!) but have been thoroughly enjoying soaking up the picture of your Classical Christian homeschooling family life. Thank you for being such a blessing to me on own homeschooling journey!
And I'm glad your mom has been such a blessing to you!

Kerry said...

Thank you, Lee! My blog has really s..l..o..w..e..d down lately. But sweet comments like this give me the encouragement to get back to it!