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Monday, August 18, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook - August 18th

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For today, August 18th, 2008

Outside My Window... my grass is getting a wee bit long.

I am thinking ... that I'm glad to be getting school started even if I'm not entirely "ready".

I am thankful for... finally getting to enjoy dinner with friends we haven't seen much this summer.

From the kitchen ... making another batch of delicious Cinnamon Raisin bread today.

I am wearing ... blue yoga pants, white tank top and white hoodie - my standard "dressed, but not really dressed" outfit.

I am creating ... my yearly school plan this week. I have the basics, but there are some details I need to work on.

I am going ... to pick up groceries today. My local grocery story has an online shopping service - i take advantage of it very frequently during the school year. It costs my $5 in service fees, but that is worth the time it saves me! And I find that I actually save more than that in avoiding "impulse purchases".

I am reading ... still Gilead and Iliad, but also, my Cindy Rushton's yearly planning book.

I am hoping ... today's first day of school will go really well. We were up late and are getting a VERY late start to the day, but we're really not doing much "school" on the first day, so that is fine with me. Mostly we are just going to walk through the day's schedule and look over books.

I am hearing ... my local NPR station's morning talk show "Charlotte Talks" - they are talking about alternative fuel vehicles.

Around the house... I have a stack of games that I cleaned out of the bottom of my school cabinet that need to find a new home. And a pile of laundry - just no laundry detergent.

One of my favorite things... since I mentioned NPR above, it makes sense to tell you that NPR is one of my favorite things. I know they can certainly be left-leaning, but it's pretty obvious to me when they are, so it's easy to discern "spin". What I enjoy about NPR is the wonderful storytelling and the fascinating subject matter. I don't often find that they get bogged down in the silly nonsense that many news shows on TV do (which end up being mostly gossip and entertainment rather than NEWS).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

  • First Day of School
  • Mother-in-Law arriving on Tuesday
  • Wednesday is eldest son's first day of Classical Conversatsions - Challenge A
  • Thursday MIL and eldest son leave for a 10-day trip to Sweden
Here is picture thought I am sharing:

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marye said...

We used to have a store that delivered and I LOVED it..I agree well worth the 5 service fee!
HAve a great week

marye said...

Ummm...sorry..I forgot to leave my address in case you wanted to find me.. :/

kadezmom said...

cinnamon raisin bread sounds yummy.

I've thought about using that same service for the same reasons...but I need to push to get out more...but ya never know. Dragging in groceries during the dead of winter has a lot left to be desired. Namely, everything!

Jean in Wisconsin said...

What an enjoyable blog post! I'd like to try--but I'd have to figure out how to get the button added...may or may not happen. LOL!


Kerry said...

Hi, Jean! Try right clicking on the image then "Save as" to your computer. Then you should be able to upload it to your blog. (Are you on blogger platform or Wordpress? if you are on blogger, I can probably walk you through it, if you need me to. email me, if so!