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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fantastic Fingerprint - Saturday?

You may remember Erik's difficulties with getting his fingerprints taken earlier this summer? He and his men's group ended up making quite a joke out of it calling our repeated fingerprint trips "Fantastic Fingerprint Fridays". Well, we had another (hopefully the last) fingerprint appointment last weekend. (I know, you'd think someone somewhere could come up with a way to share fingerprints - especially when they are digitized...oh, wait they have and it is called AFIS...so, why isn't it being used for something like this? No idea.)

This appointment went REALLY well. We arrived at USCIS Charlotte for our 3:00 appointment at 2:58. We left the building at 3:15. I'm not kidding. We even had a slight problem with an incorrect code on our form which they quickly fixed and we still got out in 15 minutes. That just doesn't seem possible, does it?!?

So, now they have our fingerprints. They use these to do ANOTHER background check (local, state, other states you've lived in and then national - it really seems they need a centralized way to do that), they check into other issues addressed in the homestudy...and I'm sure some other "checks", too...then they issue our approval to bring an orphan into the country. (That's when the whole ball REALLY gets rolling.)

Pray for a speedy approval. We sure would like to get it before Thanksgiving!

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