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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Late last week, we received our fingerprint appointment! I'm amazed! We go next Saturday, September 20th for our "biometrics" - fancy word for fingerprints - at our local USCIS branch.

So, to update the timeline I gave in the last update:

8/15- submitted our i800a to our local USCIS branch office (Charlotte)

8/22 - we recieved a notice from our USCIS branch office that the i800a had been received

9/2 - recieved an I-797C, Notice of Action form from the Hague Unit (US Dept. of Homeland Security, USCIS, National Benefits Center, Hague Unit - in Lee's Summit, MO).

9/3 - recieved an email (in response to an inquiry on my part to the Hague Unit) letting me know that the processing time for the i800a is 90 days.

9/6 - heard from other adoption friends that the Hague Unit was processing i800a forms at around 60 days

9/7 - received fingerprint appointment for the 20th of Sept.

Today, I pulled out our dossier information to start getting that ready and realized that many of the doucments may need to be updated before we submit the dossier to Armenia. (They must be no more than 6 months old - which some will be.) So, the next couple of weeks, my focus will be: gathering documents, getting old ones reissued, and sending stuff off to be apostilled.

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