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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i800 Process Update

Well, things are moving along and it looks like we should have our i800a approval around Thanksgiving!

There are lots of questions about how this new process works floating around the adoption websites. For any of you who are also in the adoption process, here's what our timeline has looked like:

8/15- submitted our i800a to our local USCIS branch office (Charlotte)

8/22 - we recieved a notice from our USCIS branch office that the i800a had been received
(During this time, we heard from others in our adoption agency that these were being forwarded on to a special unit set up to handle these called the "Hague Unit". Wondered if ours would be forwarded on quickly or if USCIS Charlotte had to do some processing first. Stressed that this might mean an even longer wait time for the i800a to be processed)

9/2 - recieved an I-797C, Notice of Action form from the Hague Unit (US Dept. of Homeland Security, USCIS, National Benefits Center, Hague Unit - in Lee's Summit, MO). This form was notifying us that they'd received our application (as of 8/25), assigned a case number and we'd be assigned a fingerprint appointment with our local USCIS office (of which we'd be notified by mail).

9/3 - recieved an email (in response to an inquiry on my part to the Hague Unit) letting me know that the processing time for the i800a is 90 days.

This is shorter than we would have had if the process had been done through USCIS Charlotte - unless their are issues with our i800a. I've heard that many, many, many have been returned for further documentation or wording changes (in the home study). I'm very hopeful ours will be accepted without further adjustments as our agency has achieved a successful i800a approval recently, but we'll see.

If you are in the middle of this process and have questions, comments or information, leave a comment! Let's help each other out!

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