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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally - GOOD NEWS!

I had this whole email typed out about how we didn't get the passports today and we'd just see how it went tomorrow...when guess what...


Our facilitator asked the passport director's secretary (with whom he'd become friends after spending so much time there the past two days) to call him if the director came back in this evening. Apparently, that is how he works, meetings all day and then in for some desk work in the evening and the secretary has to be there for all of it. (I'm just guessing here.)

Tomorrow early morning (like 4am) our facilitator will go out to Kasoa where the birthmoms are staying and bring them in to town. We'll meet at the embassy as early as possible - maybe even by 7:30 (when they open). The embassy will review the birthmoms' passports (to be sure they are who they say they are), possibly reinterview them, possibly reinterview us, and then we will be done. We should know before we leave if we are approved to get the visas. The embassy can turn around visas in 24 hours...and they have for the other family here (going home tomorrow - Yea, Faubles!). So we hope/expect to get them Thursday and fly on Friday.

Again, glitches could still happen, but it looks really good that we'll be HOME on Friday!

I'm going to be HOME!!!


Kristin Jag said...

Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fill us in right away tomorrow when you hear. I am just getting in now after a long day out and was thrilled to read this!

Kristin Jag said...

PS-did you ever think you would be so excited for another person's passports to be issued?