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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photos to enjoy...

We (Aimee, Ben and I) are enjoying our stay at Coconut Grove, but we'd still all reather be at home. However, we are making the best of it...and it's not hard to do here.

So, while we await news on the embassy front, I thought I'd share some photos!

This shows you why packing with L is a bit challenging (when there is no place for her to be but on the bed - where one is trying to pack). She likes to roll around on the bed gathering items around her body as she goes. This was taken the night before we left Accra for Coconut Grove.

And here she is at Coconut Grove hangin' with her Ma in a makeshift "playpen" of sorts. (I sit in that chair right beside hers and make sure she doesn't keel over the side.)
It also makes a nice sleeping spot - and don't you love her awesome batik "blanket"?:

Here is our bungalow, the white one with the double arches in the middle of the photo. Yes, it is truly in a coconut grove complete with falling coconuts. No, they don't issue hard hats when you check in. I wonder if many guests have been hit by falling coconuts.

And here is the view down the beach. It is just magnificent scenery. The ocean is really churning this week as there are a series of storms coming across the African continent just south of Ghana. They are passing across the Gulf of Guinea (on which Ghana sits) and giving us some impressive surf. I could really sit and watch it for hours, which is good since that is what I've done the last couple days.

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Masiek said...

I was just looking over your old posts and remembered how funny I thought the signs were that said, "Do not walk under the coconut trees during high winds"...I had a cartoon image in my head of being hit with a coconut!