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Monday, March 16, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to Accra...

This is L sleeping on my knees during part of the ride back to Accra yesterday. She wiggled and jiggled for the first half of the trip and then fell fast asleep for the second half. Not too bad! So, what did I do while she slept... Took the opportunity to snap some photos, of course!

How about some on the road shopping? Here you go...

This market, right along an old colonial wall in Elmina, is a pretty common type of "market" in Ghana. You'll see just about everything being sold here - fish, shoes, vegetables, cell phone minutes, sunglasses, plantain chips, etc. People bring their wares and set up "shop" right on the sidewalk.

Mini-marts on the head - yes, these street vendors are like walking mini-marts. They have a little of everything you might need and some things you really don't. Water, chips, juice, mints, fruit and also, posters, super glue, belts, etc. My favorite on the road purchases have been plantain chips - really good! We've also purchased cell minutes, chocolate, and an electrical outlet converter from these street vendors.

Dry goods? Yes, I think these would somewhat classify. These are "yams" and are a staple food here. When boiled they are a lot like potatoes in taste and texture, but a little waxier. Very tasty!

Need some supplies for your small business? How about a sliding-glass-topped freezer for your grocery store? Get them righ there under this tree!

And finally, a bookstore!
Now this is not the only shopping- there are also more modern shops in Osu (a neighborhood frequented by embassy personnel) and of course the shopping mall. But this is how most of Ghana shops.

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