We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A big girl hairdo

Baby L's hair is finally getting long enough for some more creative hair styles! I can now get her hair into 4 little puffs - so cute. We all think this hairdo makes her look like such a "big girl".

Wanna see?


Aimee and Ben said...

I am dying - that is SO cute. How did she go from being 1 to being 12 all of a sudden? I cannot wait for Avena's hair to get long enought to pull that off!

Kerry said...

Yeah, I know! L's hair is just barely long enough and I have to re-do it each morning (doesn't take long). I did this style right after washing and detangling - so her hair was already a bit stretched out.

I love her hair in a pretty loose afro, but keeping it up does keep the tangles down and it seems to dry out less quickly.

She seems to like the hair "bling", too. Imagine that! :)

Zimmerman family said...

She is SO cute! And her hair does make her look older. Victoria is turning 6 on Thursday. Can you believe that our girls are growing up so fast?
Much love to you all.

Kerry said...

Hi, Zimmermans! Six is a big year, isn't it? Give our love to Victoria. And tell her to keep an eye on the mailbox for a little card from Lydia. It may get there after her birthday, I'm afraid, but it is coming! (look for a SnapFish envelope)