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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hair Day!

Grandma is coming tomorrow, so we had "hair day" today.  I decided to try something new: a veil style ending in little puff piggies at the back.  I think it turned out really cute!  What do you think?  It isn't really complicated, but a new style always takes a little "figuring out".  We watched "Bear in the Big Blue House" while we did the styling.

Detangling took about 20 minutes in the bathtub and the style took about 40.   But it was a new style, so next time I expect it will take a bit less.  Her hair is getting really long.  It is amazing to look back at photos from a year ago and see how much longer her hair has gotten.  See:

And this was grown out quite a lot from when we first met her in Ghana.  Our only styling option was a headband at this point!


Joy and Geoff said...

That's a really lovely style!

Zimmerman family said...

I am impressed!! I would love to do a style like that on Victoria. Where did you figure it out? I think Lydia's hair is actually longer than Victoria's. :)

Aimee and Ben said...

Kerry, We are in hair mind meld! You are always trying a style when I'm thinking, "I wonder if I can do the "x" style?" Then I check the blog and you've just done it, which is fantastic. I love the veil on Lyd - flattering and super cute. I'm goimg to try it!

Kerry said...

Hilda - I've seen the style a couple places, but finally saw it on "Happy Girl Hair" and decided to try it out. I don't really know how I figured it out...just printed out a photo and tried it. :)

Aimee - let me see photos when you've done it!

One thing I will say that might have helped, but didn't have time for, well two things, actually:

1. I wish I'd had time to "pre-stretch" her hair. Do the parts and rubber bands and then band it or twist it. Happy Girl Hair recommends doing this the night before (or maybe just a couple hours).

2. I did a two strand twist on the last pieces of the veil before gathering then into the little puffs with the rest of her hair. It gives that part of the veil an nice look - very "polished". Wish I'd done that on the whole head!

I think I'm going to take the veil out partially and re-do it in two-strand twists before church on Sunday. All my church lady friends will be checking out her style, so I like it to look really good. :)