We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Monday, February 14, 2011

Daybook - February 14th, Saint Valentine's Day

Feast of Saint Valentine

outside my window . . . the trees are dimly lit by the most beautiful pale gold light.  It is still very early here and the sun has not risen, but the sky beyond the trees is getting brighter.  I think it is going to be on of those beautiful Carolina blue days...the ones that make the red clay all worth it.

I am listening to . . . NPR and the quiet whir of the baby monitor.

I am wearing . . . all black with a vermillion wrap.

I am so grateful for . . . my Valentine's Day present!  After we moved in one lovely framed silk painting (of a pair) was damaged- just the frame.  I thought the frame was beyond repair and to re-frame would be in the neighborhood of $150 or $200 - entirely outside what we could afford right now.  But while I was gone most of the afternoon and evening on Saturday, Hubby managed to fix it and get it re-hung!  I just about flipped when I saw it!  I guess I need to post a photo, don't I?

I'm pondering . . . why some people say "Worship" when they are talking about the music during a worship service.  Well, I know why they say it, but I'm just pondering how that definition leaves out a whole lot of other ways to worship.  Words are important.

I am reading . . . Grounded in the Gospel: Building Believers the Old Fashioned Way (JI Packer), The Wives of Henry VIII (Antonia Fraser) - this is a book I started a Long Time Ago and have just picked back up.  

I am creating . . . my dining room needs my attention.  I am working on ironing the linens and creating a lovely centerpiece.  Now if I could only replace the awful contractor-ugly lighting.  Soon, very soon.

on my iPod . . . I'm adding the People's Pharmacy to my podcast list.

around the house . . . some heart garlands to celebrate the day.

from the kitchen . . . I believe some heart-shaped sugar cookies with chocolate royal icing.

real education in our home . . . we'll learn about Saint Valentine today, and enjoy making those cookies.   The two at home school kids have both made some great progress with math memory!

rhythm and beauty in our home . . . Hubby brought home a lovely pot of spring flowers: tulips, grape hyacinths, miniature irises, and I think some daffodils.  I need to find a lovely planter for them! 

the church year in our home . . . Saint Valentine will be celebrated today for his commitment to Christ and serving those around him for Christ.  

one of my favorite things . . . Hubby, the 14-year old, the 11-year old and I snuggling up on the couch (we have two, but we all cram onto one!) to watch Firefly.  We finished up this weekend with the movie "Serenity".  It was so much fun that we are on the look out for another TV series on Netflix (or TV) that we can watch together.

recent milestones . . . Little E attended her first ever slumber party!

the week ahead. . . dinner with some friends tonight,
church meeting Wednesday night (and Eucharist before),
And Then I Had Teenagers book study Thursday night,
Friday, dinner with my pastor, his wife and missionaries leaving for Zanzibar shortly,
Saturday an ice-skating party for my middle boy (his youth group). 

picture thoughts . . .

My Valentine
From a wonderful get-away weekend a few years ago to the NC mountains.  The Chimay was wonderful, by the way.


Jessica said...

Kerry, I'm with you on "worship". It's a big reason we ended up back in the Anglican church again (which I need to blog about, but haven't yet!). But, yes. Worship does often involve singing, but singing is not all there is to worship!

Ann Kroeker said...

My Belgian-born-and-raised Valentine totally approves of your husband's (and your) Chimay! He has the glass and a big bottle. Want to come over and split it? :)

Kerry said...

Ann - HA! Yes, I'd love to come over. Tomorrow night at 6pm? :)

Wouldn't that be lovely!