We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where is the reset button?

Through tears I asked my middle son, "Well, what have we done right?  What is the most important thing for you in homeschooling?  What is the main reason you want to continue?"

He tearfully replied, "Because I like being with my family.  I don't want to go elsewhere because I like being with you all."  On a day when I was feeling very defeated about continuing to educate him in particular, but the whole family in general, this was a very welcome reply.  His response was like a reset button reminding me of the reason we set out on this home education journey in the first place.

Somewhere way back in my homeschool career, I remember someone saying that you should make sure you know why you are homeschooling - make sure it is a worthy reason, because it is what your children will remember and value.  I am so thankful that developing strong family bonds was one of our main reasons for home educating our children.  It has proven a very worthy cornerstone.  And I am thankful that despite their normal bickering, our children have learned to enjoy each other's company and value being together as a family.

In a recent email discussion with a group of like-minded home educators we were discussing the late-winter blahs.  Our bright summer-inspired plans are now gathering dust, literally, and we've all seen way too much of the inside of the house.  This is the time of year that I often find myself feeling discouraged and enervated.  I am so thankful to be reminded of the simple reason that we began homeschooling:  being a family.   Thank you, Lord, for that reset!

Are you feeling the need to hit the "reset" button?  It is so tempting to ditch all those plans and start over.  At least for me it is - if something isn't working, start over.  But sometimes it isn't the plans that need resetting, it is the heart.   I think Sandy really hit on something important in her post, "Unthinkable Luxury" (please read her whole post and the one she's linked to).

In that word "reset" is a word we are so quick to miss: REST.  We need to stop being so busy planning and just REST in Him.  Before you begin to re-organize, re-plan, re-work your homeschool, take a moment and rest.  Spend some time contemplating why you began this journey.

My plans don't need to change, I just need to change.  I needed to be reminded of the cornerstone of our homeschool.  And I needed the true deep encouragement that can only come from Him (in this case it came through a little him).

How are you doing in this late-winter season?


Anonymous said...

Thanks.....I needed that. I was feeling so defeated yesterday and actually did make the time to talk to my Heavenly Father and rest in Him..Love your post.

Audra Haddad

Amy said...

I wish I could meet you in person because I just love the things you have to say, what you think about, how you process life and record it. I envision us sitting in a coffee shop and chatting for hours.
As far as homeschooling goes, I have had a recent epiphany. As a CC tutor, I realized that I've been so busy planning lessons for my CC class that I've neglected teaching my own children. I am working for CC rather than CC working for me. It's not CC's fault, I've just let it get in the way of my real responsibility to my own children. I am now pulling in, pulling my children close, getting rid of all non-essentials, and fully investing in their hearts.

Thanks for sharing.

Kerry said...

Audra - it always helps to know we aren't the only one feeling defeated, isn't it?

Amy - I'd love to read your blog, but you don't have a public profile on blogger. Would you be willing to send me your blog addy (by email, maybe?) What you said about CC is exactly why I haven't been and probably won't be a CC tutor anytime soon. I'm too much of a planner and would love planning for a class...a little too much. :) But maybe someday when my kids are grown. Or at least much older.

Amy said...

Kerry, I don't have a blog. Maybe someday. I think I'd rather read them than write one.
I reached a breaking point a few weeks ago, and actually let go of my position as a tutor. My community was very supportive, as they are very close friends. I'm going to take a year off from CC and see where we stand the following year.
I loved your entry about your school day-so like many of our own. (We are in the midst of sending a boy we have come to love as our own back to Haiti. He stayed with us this year while he received surgery for the injuries he sustained in the earthquake)

Kerry said...

Amy - HI! I'm sorry you don't have a blog, only because I'd love to get to "know" you through it. :) As you may remember reading, we've had a year off of CC, too. It has been a VERY good year, and now we are ready to return. We all needed a season at home. You are wise to take the year off.

CC isn't a perfect program, but it is a good one. But there is nothing in it that you can't do at home. I have found that we need the accountability.

Would you keep me posted on your year without CC? If you ever want to "guest post", I'd love to host you here!

Mrs. O said...

This is so good, so good. Thank you so much sharing. I found your blog while looking for CC information.

Glad I stayed and looked around, I really needed to see this post!