We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Thursday, February 24, 2011

School so far this morning...

After yesterday's post, I thought you might enjoy seeing just what school is like around here right now.

This morning I woke much too late after not sleeping well last night.  Hubby and I flopped out of bed and down the stairs around 8am just in time to get the youngest one off to school (and I stayed home to check email and get my day going).  Baby and a grouchy and tired middle son was up around 9.  His mood, brought on by sleeping most of the night on the couch before moving up to his bed at 4am, was Not Sunny.  His dad helped brighten the mood a bit and then I fixed breakfast while the coffee brewed.  While warming sausage, I drilled middle son on a few math facts.

Little girl was down by 9:30 and, while happy, was also very tired seeming.  Everyone ate and got chores done.

I'd had a thought that middle son could work on his math facts by using legos to "make" the math facts.  We hauled down the lego box from the third floor only to realize very quickly that my idea wasn't going to work.  So, we decided instead (or maybe middle son had the idea) to have him make a clay-mation video of his math facts. This is his current favorite past-time.  (Yes, I'll post it later if we can get it uploaded to YouTube.)

The girls decided the legos looked interesting, so I let them play and middle son work while I read the last two chapters of Adam and His Kin.  I'm not sure they caught every word of the story, but I think they got the "gist" of it.

I'm now finished reading, but the girls are still playing and middle son is still in the middle of making his video.  It may take another hour until he's done.  I need to do math with middle daughter, but I'm not entirely sure when that will happen.  She is hard to corral today it seems.

The girls have gone upstairs to dress and I'm going to try to get middle daughter to sit and do her math with me when she comes down.

Middle son: math video, history reading, some grammar practice (adverbs) and maybe writing (IEW)
Middle daughter: lego building, history reading, math lesson, and I'll have her read me a Dr Seuss book (to practice her reading) - then Ballet and Tap this afternoon.

That's school around here today.   Do I make you feel better?  :)

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