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Monday, April 21, 2008

Considering Adoption: Looking at motivations

Informed Adoption Advocates has a good article on common motivations (bad and good) for adoption. I found it illuminating - especially as some of both the good and the bad resonated with me. If you have or are considering adoption, especially internationally, this is a good place to start.

Do any of these resonate with you? What are your thoughts? Do you agree with her assessment of good and bad motivations? What might you add in light of your faith (if you are a Christian - considering that the bible tells us that caring for widows and orphans is pure and true religion)?

Informed Adoption Advocates is an excellent resource for prospective adoptive parents.

Updated to add the article link. (thanks, Kate, I didn't realize I'd linked only to the main page)


Kate said...

I don't know if I'm being really thick, but I couldn't find the article. I'd love to read it since we're currently thinking about adoption. Where exactly is it on the site? Sorry.... I'm sure I've been staring right at it!

Kerry said...

Kate - THANK YOU! I thought that link was to the article. I added an update to include the link directly to the article.

There are TONS of great articles on this website. You'll enjoy perusing.

Let me know what you think!

Kate said...

I really appreciated the list of motivations. The one about 'I won't be complete until I have a baby' really resonated. I think the things that I'm finding most difficult to come to terms with in this process is having to think about and articulate exactly why we want a child and to really explore those motivations. In Scotland, even for fertility treatment you have to go through a certain level of assessment (probably because of the national healthcare system - because the state is paying for it, they feel a certain sense of responsibility for the children created), so these are all questions I'll have to consider at some point regardless of the way we choose to expand our family.

Thanks for pointing out this site. There is sooooo much there - I'll be spending quite a lot of time on it, I suspect.

Kerry said...

You know, I think it is ok to want another baby just because you want another baby. Meaning - you've enjoyed parenthood and want to add to your family...this is a perfect valid reason (in my opinion- but I'm not the gov't).

There are often other motivations to adopt as well, but often it starts here. I mean if you don't want another child...what's the point? :)

I'm glad you found some good articles. I've not even read half of them yet!