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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting ready for the Home Visit

Wondering what it takes to get ready for a Home Visit? I'll share with you what we did, but keep in mind agencies and situations will differ. If you are thinking of adopting, you'll need to check with your placement agency and/or your home study agency to determine what they will be looking for.

1) Prepare yourself.

Start doing your homework about being an adoptive parent. Read magazine articles, books, websites, etc. Of course, you don't need to be an expert, just start educating yourself on the issues involved in the adoption process.

2) Prepare your family.

Talk with your kids about what to expect during the home visit. Your social worker will want to spend some time talking with your kids about their thoughts and feelings concerning the adoption. Don't coach them, just help them understand what to expect and why your social worker wants to talk with them (their input is important, too!). Read some kids' books about adoption with them if you can as it will help give them some language with which to talk about their feelings.

3) Prepare your house.

Clean your house like an acquaintance is coming for dinner. Would an acquaintance check your dusting? Under your bed? For cobwebs in the corners? No? Well, don't expect your social worker to do that either. Clean it up (because an out-of-control messy house doesn't reflect well on your family), but don't stress about it. Your social worker does not expect immaculate, especially if you have kids. (In fact, mine told me that if a home were immaculate she'd be worried the parents were too invested in keeping a neat and orderly home.)

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