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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Creek - Redux and a Twist Out

By request of the most AWESOME African travel companions in the world...some photos of Baby L's Twist out.  (By the way - she's not a baby anymore, I guess I'll have to switch to Toddler L at some point.)  FYI - a twist out is a hair style.  After the hair has been put into simple two-strand twists for a few days, you can gently untwist for a free-form hair do that is really fun.  Erik says this is his favorite style for her - really suits her face and personality.

So here it is, the twist out:

(please ignore the mess in the background.)

We returned to the creek last week to check out the proposed house placement on the property.  Here are some photos:

One of the four corners of the house - this one is at the rear of the house.

looking toward the back "yard".  We plan on keeping the back as natural as possible.  The sides of the property need some underbrush clearing as does the creek a bit.

the kids went off on a short excursion across the creek.  Yes, the boys have their airsoft guns...I took a photo without the airsoft guns, but they looked too forlorn.

This isn't exactly the same view as the creek photos from las week, but close.  You can see how much greener the woods are this week.


Baby L absolutely LOVES the woods.  She wore her famous pink cowgirl boots (the better to crunch leaves with) and scouted out some good sticks.  (how about this style?  It is twists just pulled back into pig-tails and to the back I added some beads to the rows that I couldn't pull into the piggies.


Aimee and Ben said...

Yep, that girl rocks a twist out. Nothing says sassy like pink cowgirl boots and a twist out. I like the twists in piggies, too. Avena is at the end of a twist, so I might try some accesories to jazz it up for an extra day or two.

Kerry said...

See that cute double headband in the first photo? That is one of those bra-strap headbands. I love them. i don't love the little glue and glitter "jewels" many of them have, but I just ignore that part. Got a few from Curly is Cuter. I have to say her shipping and service was so fast. I had them within 3 or 4 days of ordering. And she threw in a freebie headband!

Masiek said...

I love the twists! What product do you use when you actually do the twisting...I've done Zoey's with Taliah Wajiid's Style and Shine, but it seemed to leave alot of buildup..and then the next day her twists her sticking out every direction like little antennas..yikes! How do you get them to lay so pretty??

Kerry said...

Kasie - the trick seems to be lightly wetting them down and then clipping them into place until they dry a bit. I do this after naps and of course in the mornings. (I wet them with a water/conditioner mix in a spray bottle.)