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Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to the Creek

Early last week we signed an initial contract to build a home about 10 miles from our current house. It is a small neighbhorhood of 35 1.5 acre lots - very wooded. The lot we have chosen backs up to a lovely little creek. It probably is really too small to be called a creek, but stream sounds too technical and brook a bit too fluffy...creek just fits.

Here are some photos of a recent trip out to the property:

The creek looking toward the left from the back of our property.  The banks are covered with moss, ferns, wild violets and trout lilies:

And to the right:

Kids crossed the creek to explore the other side.

Baby L and Daddy got their toes into the cool creek water.

This week they are doing soil testing and determining placement of the homesite.  We will approve both of these and then we move to the design stage: choosing all the interior decor.  I don't relish that stage...confusing and tempting to go over budget.  Once we get those choices made, framing begins.  They run a tight schedule and guarantee a 50-day work schedule to complete the house.  (with avg rain days, holidays, and weekends - that is about 90 calendar days).

We are excited!  The house will be bigger than our current home, which wasn't a requirement, but will be nice.  Most importantly it has a big lot with woods.

At home, we've been very busy packing up non-essentials and giving away unused items to clear out the clutter.  We plan to rent this home (and wait out the market a bit) - and already had one family come look this weekend.  (Yes, it was a crazy busy weekend.)

We'll post updates and the house progresses!

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