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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No court date, yet, but big news!

We do not have word on our court date, yet, but we do have some really BIG news!

We had heard that one of the major hurdles in getting our daughter home after the court date is getting her Ghanaian passport. The passport process can be a long one in Ghana (not unlike the US, but the US's is a more consistent wait time). The wait can be a week or two...or a month or more. Often it is the last thing that holds up bringing a child home.

Well, guess what - WE HAVE A PASSPORT!! On Monday our agency notified us that the passport had been finished and recieved by our facilitator! This is HUGE!

Once the court date has happened and the adoption decree issued, we will travel to Ghana and submit our i600 - which results in an IR4 Immigration visa for our daughter to enter the US where she will then be readopted by us.

Now, if we can get the US Embassy to speedily process the visa (which does depend somewhat on some paperwork from Ghana being ready for them to review) then we acutally might be able to travel once, rather than twice, and bring her home in early Feb!

It is looking more and more like she will be home celebrating Valentine's Day with us!

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