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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Scholar's New Year Review

Welcome to 2009! Often this time of year leaves me feeing a little breathless, sort of a "How did we get here?" But this year, it really feels like a new year...it really feels like 2009 - maybe because it has been a very full year. Whatever the reason - I'm glad a new year is here!

One wonderful thing about keeping a blog is that it lets you look back to see what you've thought about, dreamed up, worried over, and maybe even accomplised over the course of a year. When I looked back today, I was surprised to see what's been on the Ten O'Clock Scholar blog this year! Take a look:



I planned and hosted a Way of the Cross for Children
and don't miss the photos from that event!

We decided to expand our family by international adoption


(fyi - I'm working right now on the second semester and should have it posted this weekend)


Started a new blog: To Every Meal a Season

(I'm planning on some updates to this, so watch for that upcoming post!)

A post for Blog Action Day (this year's focus: Poverty) on Holy Poverty.


Rethinking the Christmas Craze - maybe it isn't so crazy after all.

This year is shaping up to be one of big changes for our family and I hope to hone my focus on this blog a bit more, so I hope you'll visit often!
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