We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. ~Isaiah 64:8

Friday, April 17, 2009

7 Quick Takes: April 17th

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I love to check out my google search hits. Recently, I got one for "if I'm stuck in Africa". That just makes me laugh. Oddly enough it was for a 7 quick takes post! Have you ever checked your google search hits - what odd ones have you gotten?

We are working on improving our landscaping. It is pretty bland right now (and has been for the past 6 years), just your basic new house foundation plants. We've pulled out those (which I hate) and moved them to our backyard where they will provide nice screening. Now we are expanding our beds to take up much of our front yard (less grass is our goal) and slowly we'll add plants, bushes and some small trees (those will wait until the fall).

April is the time of year I always want to assess our homeschool and start planning for next year. The conference season is coming up (our state conference is in late May) and that means book sales! But I still have school to catch up on, so I'm trying to stay focused. I'm not doing a very good job. When do you start your annual assessment and planning?

I've finally gotten back into my routine of early morning prayer and bible reading. I use the Daily Office of the Anglican church to guide my bible reading. I also enjoy reading a spiritual classic for devotional reading in the morning. Right now it is "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis. I'm almost finished - can anyone recommend another?

While I was gone to Africa, I racked up over 800 emails in my inbox (and that doesn't include the 100s I actually read while I was there!). Last week I sat down and spent an hour or so (not all at one time - I do have children and a baby!) weeding through all those. Some needed replies (although most of the ones needing replies got replies while I was in Africa) and some needed to be labeled and archived, and some (most) just needed to be deleted. I'm back down to under 50 - much better!

Watched Slumdog Millionaire this past weekend and loved it. Have you seen it? What did you think? It is rated "R", but I'm surprised it got that rating. It had very little of the things that usually deserve an R rating (language, violence, s*#)...I thought PG-13.

I'm trying to collect ideas for celebrating the entire Easter season. I'd love to hear some of your ideas! Leave me a comment!

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MomCO3 said...

That morning time with God is so important to my day. How about The Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila?

Julie said...

Very much enjoyed your post. So glad you have been able to get back to your morning devotions. I need and want to do that.

I haven't seen Slumdog but I've heard great things about it.


Amanda said...

With 4 active boys, I too wake up early in the morning for my prayer time. We do say family rosary at night but otherwise I am usually so tired by bed time that I fall asleep instantly. Mornings are the best.

Heather L said...

First time here. You just got back from Africa?! Neat. I'll have to stick around and read about your adventure. God bless.

Heather L