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Friday, April 17, 2009

One Month Home!

You know time is a funny thing. It has a way of bending and being oddly different based on experiences, doesn't it? It seems to have a dual-nature. In fact, how often do things seem to have passed by quickly and yet, been the same for a very long time?

Well, that is how the past 4 weeks have been! It is hard to believe it has been a month already that Lydia has been home. And yet, at the same time, it seems she's been here so long!

Here are our updates and milestones for this week:

  • Eating has been her biggest area of concern since we recieved her. It has also been her biggest area of improvement! She is now taking 6 oz very regularly and eating solids (baby food and some finger foods) happily. She particularly likes bits of bread or toast just big enough for her to pick up.

  • She is regularly sleeping through the night. Either from 8pm to 4am and then down for a few more hours or 8pm to 11pm/12pm then to 6 am and then down for another hour or two.

  • We had friends over a couple days this week and she did well with their visits.

  • Her crawling and pulling up (and trying to cruise around the furniture) is getting more coordinated and determined.

  • She got new earrings! (see photo below)

  • And we've gotten some wonderful new products for her hair by Carol's Daughter. We were looking for the Black Vanilla line of products, but our Sephora store didn't have it so we are trying the Tui line of products (shampoo, leave-in conditioner). I think I'm also going to pick up a deep conditioner to try, too.
    • A bit of news not related to her progress: We recieved her Certificate of Citizenship! This was a bit unexpected...we thought we'd have to apply for it after readoption, but it turns out that she entered the US on an IR3 visa and was a citizen from the moment she was on US soil!

      Here are some photos:

      The new earrings! Pretty little CZ flowers. We'll save the real diamonds for later, dear.

      Uncle Peter, in town for business from Arkansas, got to come meet you. We know Aunt Karen is jealous, but she'll be here soon!

      Beth enjoyed getting you to giggle. We all enjoyed watching her be silly.

      Our friends Susie, Nancy, Lily, and Rex came to play. Here is Rex playing peek-a-boo!

      And here is Susie enjoying those sweet smiles, too!


      Kristin Jag said...

      I can't believe it has been a month that you were home either; your thoughts on time are exactly what we thought for us too. It is amazing how long a month seemed in Ghana as compared to here. I think at home we are trying to fill a million things into one day with not enough time and in Ghana we tried to just get through the day some times.

      Just want to give you the heads up that we also got the IR-3 visa,but about a month later they caught that and asked for proof that both of us had met the kids prior to the court hearing. So....we are back to the reapply! Hopefully that won't happen in your case, but others warned me it would for me.

      Masiek said...

      Wow Kerry! I can't believe its been a whole month! How amazing! Seems like just yesterday I emailed you for the first time and you were answering from home while your popcorn popped..hahaha.can't believe that was almost five months ago and now you have your lovely daughter home!)) You are so right about time...dual nature based on experiences..Congratulations on the COC!!! That is wonderful!!! And I love Lydia's earrings.
      I also want to hear all about the hair products and I'm still looking for that wrapping tutorial :) Take care!