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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Her Chunk On!

Baby L on March 19th
(that is conditioner in her hair, by the way)

Baby L on April 28th! Can you see the added "chunk"?


Amy said...

She is so beautiful....and chunky!

Kristin Jag said...

Oh my goodness! This chunk is so cute I can hardly stand it!

Salzwedel Family said...

Hooray for extra chunk (on cute babies that is).

Jen said...

Oh, I just want to gobble her up... why can't those chunks look so cute on me?!!!

Aimee and Ben said...

Go, Lydia, go! Must be that Southern cooking! Remembering her from back in the day, it cracks me up to think of her as remotely chunky. I have to say, she makes it work! So darn cute.

Kimmie said...

Those eyes and eyelashes...she is too cute!

Need to run ...so I can read more before I go to bed.

thanks for the invite ;-)

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