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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 3 after Baby L's Homecoming

If you got an odd one-liner post earlier, I apologize! My finger slipped and hit the "enter" key and it got posted.)

L is doing great - as I keep saying, but it is really true. The siblings are all truly having fun together. Just this evening, H came and took L out of my arms saying, "Hand me that baby so I can go entertain her a while."
  • This week her eating has continued to improve. She's taking solids much more regularly and is having fun feeding herself Cheerios. Bottles are regularly 4-6, sometimes she'll even take a bit more.

  • She actually slept through the night! Back in Ghana, she had gotten to the point of sleeping through the night (11pm/12am to 5am/6am and then back down until 7am or 8am) pretty regularly. Then when we came home, we reverted to waking back up many times during the night. BUT - earlier this week, we got a full night! We haven't had a repeat, but I expect we'll start to get more and more of those long night sleeps!

  • In Ghana and then back home, she seemed to have a moment every few days where something relatively normal really startled and scared her. We haven't seen her startle like that is quite some time!

  • Church on Sunday was probably a bit too much and we entirely missed her morning nap (other than a short nap in the sling while I chatted with friends). But she did pretty well. She got quite upset (but settled quickly) when we went up for prayer (at the request of a friend). I think the closeness of the crowd was a bit much for her.

  • Her babbling seems to have returned. In Ghana, we got lots of "da-da" and "ga-ga", but since we got home she's been very quiet, until the last couple of days.

  • And finally, she is starting to crawl and pull-up!

Here are some photos:

See how talented she is?

The Cheerios are so good here!

What do you mean I missed my mouth?

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jazmine said...

3 weeks already? wow! she looks amazing and so BIG! time flies...im so happy for you guys:)