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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Shower

Back in January, my sweet church girlfriends threw me a surprise baby shower. They conspired with my sneaky hubby (who, by the way, never gets anything past me!) to keep me entirely in the dark. The shower had been planned for months when we got our travel date, which ended up being awfully close to the shower date.

On the Friday before the shower, it looked to everyone that I would not be attending the "meeting" that was the cover story for getting me to the shower. So, they had to ensure I'd be there by telling me the ladies at the meeting really wanted to have some cake to celebrate a bit. Oh, they made it sound so "nonchalant" - I was totally fooled!

The shower was so lovely with no detail left unattended - and blessedly, no silly "games". (See how well my friends know me?)

Here are a few photos:

Isn't this table just beautiful? Like out of some magazine?

Here is the cake - which matched the invitations perfectly: a pink and brown paisley baby dress.

The framed invitation. Can you believe how pretty it is...and that they had it framed so beautifully for L? It is hanging in a place of honor in her bedroom now.

And the gifts! We were so blessed by all the friends who attended and (or) sent gifts to welcome our little L.

Our hostess, Julie. She and two other girlsfriends: Beth and Nichole threw a fabulous party!

And here I am coming in! I really was surprised....all I expected was a meeting and some cake. :)

A BIG thank you to my friends for putting together such a grand party, and the friends who attended or sent gifts for making the afternoon such a lovely memory. L will be so blessed by the outpouring of love you showed her before you even knew her!

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